As I’ve often pointed out on this blog, I love radio!  I have a couple of Internet radios.  One is in my studio and the other is on my nightstand.  I can listen to Internet radio for hours.  It’s simply amazing having the ability, via the Internet, to tune in thousands of stations from around the world.

Even with that vast selection, the one I keep coming back to listen to is Martini in the morning.

Martini in the morning is, quite simply, one of the best radio stations the web has to offer.

MITM plays great music from a great period in American history.  It’s the lounge sound!  Cool standards from great singers like Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Steve Tyrell, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole and many other talented artists.

In order to enter to win, all you have to do is click on our Check-In or Request link and you will be in the running.”

On Thursdays, MITM does “That Thursday Thing.”  They give away great music CDs!

Hey!  today is Thursday!  Simply get over to for the details and get a chance to  win some great music!.

And while you’re at it, tune them in on your tablet, laptop, desktop computer or your own Internet radio.  I have MITM on right now as I type this in my studio.

Martini in the Morning.  One word.  Cool.


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  1. Gary Norton

    You got me hooked on it. “One Word Cool”

  2. Crow

    You posted about that radio station months ago in the forum, is one of my favorites.

    Thank you Mark.

    • Mark

      You’re welcome.:) Glad you enjoy it.:)

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