A few blog posts ago, I wrote about the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and recommended a book written by one of the survivors.

Well, since then, I finished a book of historical fiction which takes place during the time of the Titanic. And the Titanic figures in as one of the elements of the story.

It’s called The Titanic Plan. All the reviews I’ve read are spot on!  This book is a real page turner!  It grabs you from the first few pages and doesn’t let go.  When you sit down to read, the next thing you know, you’re halfway through it’s 65 chapters! This book is such an entertaining read, I wish it was 20 chapter longer! It’s highly entertaining, wonderfully written, and mixes in history so well with the overall story, it’s hard to tell where fact ends and fiction begins.

J.P. Morgan, Presidents William Howard Taft and Theodore Roosevelt, John Astor, William Vanderbilt and other historical figures from America’s past are featured thoughtout the book.   They come to life as does early 20th century America.  It’s rather remarkable how much America of 1912 resembles America of 2012 (politically, economically, etc.).

If you have a Kindle, I highly recommend The Titanic Plan. If you don’t have a Kindle, it’s worth getting one to read this book. The terrific thing is, The Titanic Plan is only $3.99. But hurry, the publisher may be moving the price upward as readers discover this book. (I bought it for only .99 a couple of weeks ago.)

And yes, it reads like a movie! And The Titanic Plan will make a fantastic movie! I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if movie rights are being negotiated at this moment.


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