As many readers of this blog already know, I use Linux on all my computers.  Specifically, I run PCLinuxOS.  And because I run PCLiinuxOS, there are hundreds of programs available for photo editing, web page creation, etc. And the really great thing is, all programs are free and at the ready for download and installation (if they are not already installed in Linux).

The main program I use is The Gimp. The Gimp works just like Photoshop and many other photo editing programs you see in Mac and Windows. Gimp was specifically created for Linux, but it’s also available for Windows and Mac. And Gimp is free for these platforms, as well.

The above video gives you a quick look at how I use Gimp to digitally edit my comic strip. I try to get as much on paper first in order to avoid additional editing. But sometimes it becomes necessary to touch up certain things. When the need to edit arises, doing it digitally is much faster than redrawing the entire comic strip.

I used my Asus Transformer Prime to shoot the video. It was shot at full 1080 HD. if you have a fast enough connection, you may want to view at the highest possible resolution.


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