The computer has been a tremendous help in the studio.  It’s my cartoon assistant, bookkeeper, research assistant, etc.

However, the really big advantage with my computer is having  it run Linux.

The Linux operating system has allowed me to implement some really terrific software programs. (Not to mention that it’s more stable and secure then Windows and isn’t affected by Windows’ malware, viruses and Trojans.)

And the big plus is, these programs are Open Source and absolutely free.  And many of these software applications are every bit as as powerful and feature rich as their commercial counterparts.

One such program is Scribus.  I use it all the time. It’s indispensable.  And, in the above video, you’ll see a brief overview of how Linux and Scribus helps me in creating my comic strip George.


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  1. Sproggy

    Hey Mark …

    great vid … love the plug … and just wanted to say you are a fantastic artist and i love ya work


    • Mark

      Many, many thanks!:) I appreciate the kind words.:)

      I gotta tell ya, PCLinuxOS has made the process so very easy. Especially when I need to go from my desktop to my notebook.OS and software are all on the same page.:) Nice!:)

  2. Crow

    I just enjoyed the video, will send the link to some friends, I know thy will like it too.

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