A screen grab from the 1080 HD video shot on the Tansformer Prime

A screen grab from the 1080 HD video shot on the Tansformer Prime

I thought I’d share another video of some of the fireworks that took place over the Fourth of July holiday.

My Asus Transformer Prime caught all the action! It was incredibly easy to do. I just set the focus to infinity, pointed and hit the on screen record button.   The Prime took care of the rest.

I was pretty amazed how well the Prime adjusted to the dark skies and then reacted to the light bursts from the fireworks.  It captured all the colors with no problems.  As you can hear form the video, it did a great job of capturing all the sound, too.

The neat part was, I could simply hold the tablet out in front of me and point it in the general direction of the fireworks. Doing it this way, I was able to capture allthe fireworks on screen and still look out to the sky, seeing it live.  Every once in a while, I’d glance to the screen to make sure I still had things framed up.

The result is pretty stunning especially considering it was filmed at night.  I didn’t play with any settings (other than setting the focus to Infinity, as mentioned earlier).  I just pointed and hit record.

Enjoy the show. (And remember to toggle to 1080 HD.)


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