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My brother tom’s Lenovo Thinkpad notebook computer was giving him all kinds of problems. He had put it aside some time ago as he was unable to use it.  It just woudn’t run properly. I told him I might be able to help. He gave me the computer and I installed Linux. Specifically, I wiped […]


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Have you heard about the DNSChanger malware? No? well, you may want to check out the above video and in addition visit here. Another helpful article is located here. In a nutshell, you need to check your system to make sure you don’t have this nasty bit of malware because the safety net is going […]


PCLinuxOS Magazine has a new home! Check it out at: If you want to learn more aobut linux and all it has to offer, PCLinuxOS magazine is a great place to start.  it absolutely free for donwload!  Plus, while you’re exploring the pages of all the issues,  you can check out my contributions to […]


Here’s another quick video showing how I use Gimp to enhance my cartoons. The Gimp is loaded with all kinds of filter effects. this particular one works well for black and white cartoon line art. And it’s a real time sver. if I dopn’;t like the line or dot pattern I’d added, I can simply […]


As many readers of this blog already know, I use Linux on all my computers.  Specifically, I run PCLinuxOS.  And because I run PCLiinuxOS, there are hundreds of programs available for photo editing, web page creation, etc. And the really great thing is, all programs are free and at the ready for download and installation […]


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