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Global Flooding

O Phone

As I’ve often pointed out on this blog, I love radio!  I have a couple of Internet radios.  One is in my studio and the other is on my nightstand.  I can listen to Internet radio for hours.  It’s simply amazing having the ability, via the Internet, to tune in thousands of stations from around the world. […]



I often write about how wonderfully secure Linux is. It’s immune to Windows viruses, Trojans and malware.  However, Linux is not immune to carelessness and user error. As an example, I recently received an email which looked like it may have come from Yahoo.  It explained that I had won an Apple iPad.  All I need do […]


National Lawyer Day



I recently bought a cover my Kindle. I didn’t think I wanted a cover, but after using it for almost a year, I decided to give one a try. Before I made my purchase, I did a little research on available covers. The Kindle Keyboard has a couple of openings on the left hand side that allow you to […]


Plan L